Consultant Physician Blackpool Victoria Hospital (since 1985)

Peter Isaacs was born in Exeter in 1944 and trained in Medicine in Manchester (qualified 1967); thereafter he worked in hospitals in Manchester (1967), Lancaster (1968-69), Aberdeen (1969-70), and Nigeria (1970-71). His specialist interest in gastroenterology first developed in a Wellcome research scholarship with Professor Turnberg in Manchester (1971-73), and he completed his specialist clinical training in Guy’s hospital (1976-84), including a research fellowship year at University of California, San Fransisco (1981-82).

He has been consultant physician in Blackpool Victoria Hospital for 18 years and Clinical Tutor (University of Manchester) for 9 years, and is responsible for all medical teaching programmes in the hospital. His particular teaching interests are in consent for operative procedures and problem based learning. His research interests include oesophaegeal disease, and family history-directed colon cancer screening. Scientific papers include Electrolyte Transport in Human Intestinal Mucosa in vitro (MD thesis, University of Manchester 1979), and over sixty published papers in publications including Nature, The Lancet, Clinical Science, Gut, Gastroenterology, and Gastrointestinal Endoscopy.